Wilson and Coburn get out of the penalty box and drop the gloves for an epic fight in Game 7!

This is awesome!

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We have one hell of a Game 7 on our hands so far, a Game 7 that has featured a little bit of everything and as a result it's the kind of game that has you sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

On Tuesday night the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Washington Capitals faced off for the 7th and final time in the Eastern Conference Final, a game that would determine who would face off against the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Final. While it was the Washington Capitals who got out to a very early lead courtesy of a stunning goal from Alex Ovechkin in the first minute of the game, things eventually settled down and that's when things started to get more physical.

After a series of altercations between the two teams after the whistle, Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson and Lightning defenseman Braydon Coburn earned themselves a pair of matching penalties for their antics. Despite the penalties though it was clear that Wilson badly wanted a piece of Coburn but with the National Hockey League's officials stepping in between them and Coburn appearing to be more or less interested in fighting Wilson it looked like that is where things would end.

Both men went to the box and play continued at a very high pace and as a result you all but forget about Wilson and Coburn who were sitting in the box, but it appears that the two men were very busy talking to one another while the game was going on. It seems fair to speculate that whatever was said between the two during their respective penalties it resulted in both men deciding to settle things as soon as they left the penalty box, and that is exactly what happened. 

In a thrilling moment that you wouldn't normally expect in a Game 7 situation Wilson and Coburn went head to head for what was a fantastic fight by the standards of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, where fighting can be an extremely risky proposition.  The best part about this is that with the play nowhere near either of them they got down to business right at center ice so the National Hockey League's officiating crew never got a chance to step between the two big men, and once they started swinging it was far too dangerous a proposition to get involved. 

It was a great back and forth with both men connecting with some solid shots, although if I had to call it I think Wilson may have gotten the better of the exchanges with Coburn here. That being said though neither man went down and went they finally did fall over it seemed like exhaustion and balance had played more of a factor than punishment. 

It really set the tone for the rest of the period and with just under 5 minutes of play left in the first period both men were escorted off the ice and back to their respective locker rooms. Both men will be back out for the second however so this one may not be over just yet.