Teemu Selanne sends the Jets a special playoff message.

That's some serious delivery.

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The Winnipeg Jets have a chance to eliminate the Nashville Predators from contention in the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight and it looks like they have some considerable fan support behind. Of course the Jets fans in Winnipeg are going to be rooting for their home team but just a few minutes before the puck dropped in game 6 of their second round match up with the Predators they got a message of support from a very special National Hockey League legend.

A video published online at first seemed confusing, just showing a few passengers on a plane engaged in a number of different activities as the camera man walked along the aisle seemingly intruding in the lives of strangers with his camera. The purpose of the video remained unclear as he continued to cycle through different people, but everything finally began to make sense as the camera man made his way into the plane's cockpit area. As the camera man approached the pilot and co pilot you could begin to make out the fact that one of the men in the cockpit was wearing a very old school Winnipeg Jets jersey, one sporting the name of NHL legend Teemu Selanne.

As the man in the jersey turned around once as he realized that there was a man with a camera in his cockpit we quickly realized that the man was none other than Teemu Selanne himself. Selanne proudly showed off his Jets jersey and began to chant "go Jets go, go Jets go, go Jets go," all the while motioning with his jersey as well. I think it's safe to say that Selanne will be rooting for the Winnipeg Jets to triumph over the Nashville Predators tonight, a win that would allow them to advance to the Western Conference Final where the Las Vegas Golden Knights are already waiting. 

What makes this little display of affection from Selanne particularly interesting is the fact that he has never played as a member of this current Winnipeg Jets organization, although fans in Winnipeg will likely remember Selanne as one of the greatest players to every play for Winnipeg. The franchise Selanne is linked to remains in Arizona to this day, and it's that franchise that technically owns all of the records that he set well a member of the original Winnipeg Jets franchise.

It's clear though that Selanne's affiliation is not so much to an ownership group that no longer owns either team any way, but rather to the city of Winnipeg itself and by extension all of the fans in that city. Fans that celebrated his amazing achievements when he dazzled the hockey world as a member of the original Winnipeg Jets. 

I also have to point out the beautiful and likely very intentional moment of synergy Selanne found to send this message to his fans in Winnipeg. Not only is he already winning them over by cheering for their local team, but he showed his love for the Winnipeg Jets while flying hundreds of feet in the air at the helm of a jet of his own. 

Not a bad delivery.