NHL captain takes a hard shot to the face, leaves a trail of blood on the ice.

Nasty looking injury on Thursday night.

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We have a nasty looking injury in the 2018 National Hockey League Stanley Cup playoffs and it is not for the faint of heart. If the sight of a little blood disturbs you, you may want to turn away now because this was in fact a bloody incident on Thursday night. 

The Washington Capitals were taking on the Columbus Blue Jackets in their first round playoff match up and it was a very back and forth game through all three periods of play. The game was so hotly contested in fact that by the time the third period was over we were all tied up at three goals a piece and we were headed to overtime. Unfortunately for the Blue Jackets though their captain could not have been 100% as he suffered a brutal injury in the third period. 

Just a little over a minute into the third period 26-year-old Washington Capitals defenseman Jakub Jerabek fired off a hard looking shot from the point, and unfortunately for the Blue Jackets it never even came close to making it's way to the net. That's because as soon as the slap shot left Jerabek's stick it smashed right into the face of Columbus Blue Jackets captain Nick Foligno and when you see the puck bounce of his face you will understand just how hard it the impact was on his face. 

Unsurprisingly Foligno immediately collapsed down to the ice and appeared to be in serious pain, but considering how hard that shot struck him there's no one who's going to blame him for it. As soon as Foligno got up it was immediately apparent that there had been some significant damage to his face as both his cheek and nose appeared to be bloodied as a result of the shot. 

That became even more readily apparent when he began to move towards the bench, all the while hunched over, and a trail of blood could be seen forming behind him as he moved across the playing surface. It wasn't a life-threatening level of bleeding from the Blue Jackets captain, but there was enough blood there to make you realize that this had been a particularly bad incident for the Jackets captain.

Foligno headed down to the tunnel to get his face looked and to get some repairs from the Blue Jackets medical staff, but he was unable to return to the ice for a significant length of time. No one would have been surprised at all if Foligno was unable to play for the remainder of the game, or possibly even several games depending on the severity of his injuries, but incredibly after roughly 30 minutes he return to the ice. 

It's things like this that make you realize why a guy like Foligno was selected to wear the "C" for the Blue Jackets. He could have easily taken the rest of the time off, at least, and no one would have questioned his toughness. Instead he chose to come back into a very tough game for his team and continued to put his body on the line. That is some serious leadership.