Golden Knights take a run at T.J. Oshie in the final minutes of Game 4.

Ugly end to Game 4.

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights probably aren't very happy about the way the last two games have gone but they won't be winning any sympathy with moves like this. 

On Monday night the Golden Knights faced off against the Washington Capitals in what was a rather one sided affair outside of the first few minutes of the game and by the end it became clear that frustration had taken a firm grasp of the players on the Golden Knights bench. The final minutes of the game were marred by a number of cheap shots that led to a number of power plays for the Capitals and really only served to embarrass the Golden Knights. 

It all started when Las Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Brayden McNabb drilled Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie from behind with a hard two handed cross check to the back, sending Oshie face first into the boards with just over two minutes left in the game. This was only made worse by the fact that the Golden Knights were down by 3 goals at the time making this an even more unnecessary and ugly play than normal. National Hockey League broadcaster Pierre McGuire called the incident both "vicious" and "dangerous" and it was obvious that he was rather repulsed by the entire affair. 

It wasn't over there however as even before all the players involved had been sent back to their respective locker rooms to hit the showers the remaining players on the ice began pushing and shoving. This led to some more rough stuff but there were no more penalties, at least not yet. The entire incident had left the Capitals with a 5 on 3 power play and they wasted little time in making it count as they extended their lead to four. As you would expect that caused even more anger on the Golden Knights side of the bench as they were now being completely and utterly embarrassed by the Capitals in Capital One Arena. 

As the Washington faithful chanted "we want the Cup" the cheap shots from the Golden Knights continued and a solid slash from Golden Knights enforcer Ryan Reaves on Washington Capitals forward Devante Smith Pelly resulted in yet another 5 on 3 for the Washington Capitals. It was clear why Reaves was out there in the first place during a penalty kill and the officials didn't even bother sending him to the box, choosing to eject him from the game instead. 

I understand that the Golden Knights were trying to send a message and set the tone for what will be Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final but when you're being dominated by 4 goals it just feels petty and it seemed to do a whole lot more for the Capitals than it did the Golden Knights. Washington not only added an additional goal during all of this, momentum that will likely carry into Game 5 for them, but they also remained disciplined during the entire fiasco letting the Golden Knights know that they won't easily be shaken. 

This was an ugly game for the Golden Knights and it's fair to wonder how they can get back into this series.