Giordano loses it on the referee after getting a penalty for blocking a shot.

Flames captain loses it.

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Calgary Flames captain Mark Giordano usually comes off like a pretty level-headed guy, so you know if he's hurling expletives at a National Hockey League there's something not quite right. 

On Friday night the Calgary Flames captain went on a profanity laden tirade after he was awarded a delay of game penalty during the second period of the Flames match up against the Ottawa Senators, and rightfully so. Giordano was furious at what he felt was an egregious call by the NHL officials on the ice and not only did he give them a piece of his mind, but he continued to pop off at the mouth all the way to the penalty box. 

Now take this with a grain of salt because I am by no means a lip reader, but it looks like Giordano could be seen mouthing the words "This is a f***ing joke as he was about to step into the penalty box. 

So why was he so upset over a penalty call? Well Giordano had just sacrificed his body seconds earlier to block a point shot from the Ottawa Senators, and he was successful in his attempt. However when the puck was fired instead of bouncing off his equipment as is often the case with blocked shots, it got lodged somewhere under his body. 

Giordano could be seen looking around for the puck for a few short seconds before realizing that the puck might be under him, and right as he began to move, prompted by some sticks being poked in his ribs, the play was whistled dead by the officials on the ice and the delay of game was awarded. 

Needless to say Giordano was pissed, and I can't really blame him in this case.