Filip Forsberg misses the goal of the year by just inches.

Oh my oh my!

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You may, or may not, have noticed that I very rarely cover highlight reel goals here at hockey feed. It's simply due to the fact that I feel that the highlight reel goal is the most over-saturated aspect of hockey coverage, so when I do it's usually a sign that the goal being covered is particularly amazing. That's even more true when I decide to cover a goal that never was, like I am doing right this very second. 

On Thursday night the Nashville Predators were facing off against the San Jose Sharks in what could be a preview of a Western Conference playoff series assuming both of these teams make it past their first round opponents. Needless to say with both teams fully engaged in playoff mode at this stage of the season we had a very competitive game on our hands.

While the game itself was pretty back and forth, the score currently sits at 3 - 2 in favor of the Nashville Predators at the end of the second period, there's no question that the highlight of the night belongs to the Nashville Predators. In fact the play was just a few inches away from potentially being the highlight of the year, and almost certainly would have been the goal of the year had it worked out. 

Nashville Predators forward Filip Forsberg tried to steal the show when he tried to fool both San Jose Sharks goaltender Martin Jones as well as the entire San Jose Sharks defense with a lacross-style goal, a goal that would have been one for the ages. As he was skating around the back of the Sharks net the uber-talented Forsberg pointed his stick blade down on the ice and picked up the puck in a lacross-style motion that fans of spectacular goals will be all too familiar with. As Forsberg came around the other side of the net it looked like he had everyone completely beat, but unfortunately he rang the shot off of the post, leading to an audible sigh from the crowd. 

Needless to say this was a spectacular attempt nonetheless, and one I choose to salute Forsberg for attempting in such a high-pressure NHL game.