Fight ends very quickly with one-punch knock out

Holy cow.

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This has got to be one of the most spectacular finishes to a fight we have seen so far in 2018. 

On Sunday night the Edmonton Oil Kings played host to the Swift Current Broncos in a Western Hockey League match up, but the highlight of the night came in the form of a very short, but spectacular, fight between two men.

With the Swift Current Broncos holding a commanding 4 - 0 lead over the Edmonton Oil Kings early in the second period when 20-year-old Oil King's forward Colton Kehler tried to spark his team with some physicality. 

Kelher dropped the gloves with Tanner Nagel of the Broncos and while both men appeared to be willing participants in the exchange it would be a decision that Nagel would come to regret.

Both men took their sweet time preparing for the fight, dropping their gloves quite a distance from one another, and both of them took considerable time before finally skating towards one another and squaring up for the fight. As soon as Nagel was in range of his punches those Kehler unloaded an absolute bomb of a left hook that caught Nagel square on the jaw and that was all she wrote. 

The punch immediately separated Nagel from consciousness and the only thing that may have awoken him was the impact of his face crashing into the ice as he face-planted quite badly on his way down. 

While of course you hope that Nagel is going to be ok, hopefully he won't need to pay the dentist a visit either, there's no doubt that this was incredible to watch unfold.