Busted: Video replay shows Brad Marchand trying to bite linesman's arm.

Marchand being Marchand.

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Boston Bruins agitator Brad Marchand has been in rare form during the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs showing off the two very different set of skills that have made him one of the most infamous players in recent memory. 

In the first round of the playoffs Marchand showed off the skills that have made him one of Boston's most potent offensive threats but it wasn't those skills that made the headlines however. Marchand got the most attention in the first round for his behavior in Game 1 when he decided to get real close to Toronto Maple Leafs veteran forward Leo Komarov. Marchand's lick or kiss of Komarov made headlines across the hockey world and even prompted reports suggesting that the National Hockey League had reached out to the Boston Bruins' organization in order to get them to prevent Marchand from behaving in such a manner again.

Marchand is who he is though that is what has made him one of the most polarizing figures in the league, and you just had a feeling that it wouldn't be long before the Bruins agitator was looking for another way to get under the skin of his opposition. It now seems that biting may have been on the menu but unfortunately for Marchand his attempt to imply this tactic backfired spectacularly. 

A hilarious new close up of an interaction between Marchand and one of the National Hockey League's linesmen has surfaced online and you really have to see it to believe. In the video the Bruins agitator appears to be poised to take a bite out of the linesman arm just before he realizes that it's not an opposing player he's about to chew, but rather an NHL official. 

The incident occurs while two NHL officials are trying to break up an altercation between multiple Bruins' players, including Marchand, and members of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and presumably it was one of those Lightning players that Marchand actually meant to bite. The look on the linesman face as he turns to yell at Marchand, as well as the reaction of the second NHL official are both priceless when viewed in slow motion.

On a more serious note you have to imagine what could have happened to Marchand and the Bruins had he actually gone through with the bite and chomped down on the linesman's arm. You have to imagine that not only would he have been ejected from the game, but the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety, or whomever would deal with the fallout of such an incident, would have come down hard on him as well for this infraction. Despite his antics Marchand remains one of the most talented left wingers in the entire sport, and his loss for any length of time would be a devastating blow to the Bruins.

For now the only fallout for Marchand stemming from this incident will be the rather comical comments that have been made about this incident already. Marchand haters have often delighted in comparing him to a particularly nasty brand of rodent, and the fact that he nearly gnawed on an officials arm has brought out all of the closet comedians.