Bruins coach under fire for defending cheap shot from Marchand.

Bruins facing some serious heat.

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Boston Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy may have merely been sticking up for one of his players, but the reaction to his comments today has been overwhelmingly negative. 

For some context, Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand delivered a rather blatant looking elbow to the head of New Jersey Devils forward Marcus Johansson on Tuesday night. Not only does Marchand's reputation come into play here in terms of public opinion, but the fact that Johansson has a history of concussions also makes this seem much more egregious. 

Cassidy has since come out and stated that he believes Marchand was "protecting himself from contact," a narrative that does not seem at all given the video replay of the incident. 

Making matters look even worse for the Bruins is the fact that now TSN insider Bob McKenzie is reporting that Johansson has suffered a concussion as a result of the elbow, his second concussion of the season. 

Rangers insider Larry Brooks has publicly called out Cassidy for defending Marchand, suggesting that the repeat offender should get double digit games in an effort to get the Bruins to stop "enabling" his behavior. 

There's no doubt that Marchand is a talented player, but taking liberties with the health and careers of other men on the ice has certainly earned him a reputation as one of the most reviled men in the National Hockey League.