Breaking: Torey Krug suffers gruesome looking injury in Game 4.

Awful looking injury late in Game 4.

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The Boston Bruins may have just lost an important part of what they do on defense.

We have not heard any official word from the Bruins organization as of yet but you only need the eye test here to realize that something very bad has just happened to veteran defenseman Torey Krug. Krug has suffered what appears to be a devastating injury to his left foot or left ankle, an injury that occurred when his foot and ankle buckled between the boards and the weight of his body as well as the momentum of his movement. It was a horrible sight to see live and it looks many times worse when you watch the replay in slow motion.

Krug was engaged in a battle for the puck with Tampa Bay Lightning forward Alexander Killorn when he appeared to lose his balance. The forward momentum of his fall as well as the momentum of Killorn behind him propelled Krug into the boards in somewhat of a seated position. His foot and ankle buckle almost immediately upon impact with the boards and Krug's body language immediately revealed that something was very wrong.

Krug could barely move but, in a heroic display of fortitude and courage, Krug got back into the play and actually managed to make a pass before very slowly trying to skate back to the Bruins bench. Krug's head was down as he moved to the Bruins bench and again his body language told a very dark story for the Bruins. He immediately grabbed onto the trainer as he headed down to the Bruins locker room and appeared to need considerable help down the tunnel.

The NBC broadcast has speculated that Krug could have a broken foot but we likely won't know that officially until after the game has concluded. If Krug were to be out with this kind of injury it would be a devastating blow to the Bruins defense. Krug may not be as highly regarded as some of the other members of Boston's blue line but he does eat up significant minutes and also brings an important offensive contribution to the blue line as well.