Bonino and Trouba drop the gloves in rare playoff fight!

Don't see these very often.

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When you consider the way the National Hockey League currently polices fighting it's no surprise that fights in the Stanley Cup Playoffs have become a rare occurrence. Thankfully though rare doesn't mean they never happen, and on Tuesday night we got one of those rare moments. 

The Nashville Predators were facing off against the Winnipeg Jets in Game 3 of their second round playoff match up and with the game still extremely high energy and extremely close in the third period things got heated between the Jets and the Preds. Just a few seconds into the third period Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba and Nashville Predators forward Nick Bonino got tangled up behind the play and the two men began pushing and shoving one another, hurling god knows what kind of profane insults at one another along the way.

Moments later the officials decided to blow the play dead to the altercation that was now well behind the play, but Trouba and Bonino weren't done with one another yet and both men dropped the gloves. Despite their best efforts it didn't appear that either man really landed any significant punches during the altercation, and that may have been due to the fact that both men were already clearly exhausted by that point. Not only was in the third period, but they had already been doing something akin to wrestling one another for several long moments before eventually dropping the mitts.

It's near impossible to pick a winner in this fight as a result, Trouba may have landed more shots than Bonino in this one but it would be an exaggeration to say that any of those shots really impacted Bonino. If anything the fatigued that both men inflicted on one another was likely the most damage that either man did in this fight, although they were also rewarded with the opportunity to sit a rest for a while.

You can check out the fight in the video below and let us know who you think came out on top in this one. Does Trouba deserve the W? Did Bonino do enough to get the win? Or should we just call it a draw?