Alex Ovechkin overcome with emotion after Game 5.

An amazing moment for Ovechkin.

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It may go down as the greatest accomplishment in the career of Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin and, even if he goes on to win more championships down the line, it may go down as one of the most satisfying moments of his entire life. 

On Thursday night the Washington Capitals defeated the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the home arena, T-Mobile Arena, to win the Stanley Cup Final 4 games to 1 and as a result they captured the first Stanley Cup Championship in the history of their franchise. It was an incredible game from start to finish much in the way the first game of this series was and you couldn't have asked for a better way to wrap up the series. 

The game came right down to the wire in the third period with the Capitals scoring twice to take a one goal lead but there were definitely moments when it looked like the Golden Knights by come back to tie the game for a fourth time. Things got especially hairy when Washington Capitals veteran Nicklas Backstrom missed the empty net with a little over one minute left in the third period. The missed shot gave you the sense that the hockey gods may have a cruel end in store for the Capitals but they managed to hold on and pick up the biggest win in the history of Washington Capitals hockey. 

There's no doubt that there are people at all levels of the Capitals organization who truly cherish this moment, and there's no doubt that thousands of fans in Washington truly cherish this moments as well, but perhaps no one wanted this more than Ovechkin himself. From the moment that the game was even close to being over he could be seen standing and jumping up and down on the Capitals bench whenever he wasn't on the ice and his emotions on the ice where also readily apparent. 

When it was finally over though, when the Capitals were finally and officially Stanley Cup Champions all of the emotion came pouring out of Ovechkin in one primal scream and he just kept on screaming for several long moments before emotions took over and tears began to run down his face. Ovechkin did a good job of keeping his composure in front of the cameras during the big moments, but as his teammates and family gathered around him you could see just how emotional a moment this was for The Great 8.