Alex Burrows knees Taylor Hall in the head while he's down on the ice!

Nasty attack on Taylor Hall.

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As a member of the Vancouver Canucks National Hockey League veteran forward Alexandre Burrows earned himself a reputation as one of the NHL's dirtier players, for incidents that ranged from butt-ending to biting, but he appeared to have calmed that down a bit with the Senators. 

On Tuesday night the ugly side of Burrows once again reared it's ugly head when he delivered a rather vicious knee strike to the head of New Jersey Devils star forward Taylor Hall.

This was no accidental collision as Hall was already clearly down on the ice when the knee was delivered, and Burrows can visibly be seen cocking his knee back before bringing it down on Hall's head.

Unsurprisingly the play has prompted a vitriolic backlash from fans of Hall and the Devils, and it wouldn't be any surprise at all if the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety decided to take a look at this one.