Zajac tries to get revenge for his teammate, drops the gloves with Gudas!

Pretty good scrap.

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It was very clear, very quickly, that the New Jersey Devils were not happy about the hit delivered on 27-year-old Devils forward Kyle Palmieri.

In the very first period of the Devils' Thursday night match up against the Philadelphia Flyers, Palmieri went down hard on the ice when Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Radko Gudas launched himself into a hit. If you haven't seen the hit yet you can watch it here.

It didn't take long before the Devils attempted to get revenge on Gudas, and the avatar of that vengeance was Devils veteran Travis Zajac who immediately challenged the big man to drop the gloves. 

Surprisingly, given the fact that he is not known as a fighter, Zajac handled himself pretty well in the fight and frankly seemed to overwhelm Gudas with a flurry of quick punches that had ill-intentions behind them. 

It's unclear how many of them connected solidly on Gudas, but the Flyers blue liner appeared to do a pretty good job of covering up most of the damage.