Youth hockey player paralyzed after a hit gone wrong.

Poor kid.

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It is easy at times to forget that our beautiful game is a very dangerous one as well, and unfortunately from time to time we get a harsh reminder in the form of a story like this one. 

This week a 17 year old kid named Brian Page had his life turned upside down when he was playing for the Philadelphia Little Flyers, an Under 18 program for AAA players. Brian was carrying the puck across center ice when a player from the opposing team came across and delivered a punishing hit. We know very little details about the hit itself but what we do know is that at some point either during the hit or when Brian fell to the ice, his spinal cord was severely damaged and he has now been left paralyzed from the chest down.

A friend and teammate of Brian's started a GoFundMe page in an attempt to raise money for his medical bills, and shared the following details:

Hey, my name is Corey Owens and I am a U18 AAA hockey player for the Philadelphia Little Flyers. I started this go fund me for my teammate Brian Page. In our game yesterday, Brian took a really hard hit at the blue line at center ice. Brian was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and then airlifted to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia for emergency surgery. The doctors prognosis for Brian was that he had broken his c-5 and c-6 vertebrae, along with damaging his spinal cord.

Brian has already had multiple surgeries as a result of this incident, with the latest that we are aware of coming yesterday morning, but unfortunately it sounds like in spite of the best efforts of doctors it will require a miracle for Brian to ever walk again. 

I am happy to announce that there is some good news here, thanks to the heroic efforts and quick thinking of young Mr. Owens the family has raised over $260,000 so far thanks to the kind and generous members of the hockey community. Hopefully that will help offset some of the costs that the family will be facing due to the medical treatment that Brian needs as well as the counselling that all members of his immediate family could no doubt benefit from at a time like this. 

All of us here at Hockey Feed have either played hockey or had a loved one involved in the game and we can't possibly imagine what Brian and the Page family are going through at this time. I hope he does get that miracle and one day regains full control of his body, but for now I will take some small comfort in knowing that there are wonderful people in our community and that they will continue to rally around the Page family with their support.