NHL News : Young NHLer involved in car wreck over the week-end.
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Young NHLer involved in car wreck over the week-end.

NHL defenseman wrecks his car.

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A young National Hockey League player has been involved in a car accident.

According to a report from Trium Medias "Le Lac St Jean," a local publication out of Lac St. Jean, Quebec, Colorado Avalanche defenseman Samuel Girard in a significant accident that was caused by Girard himself. The accident occurred late on Sunday night and although initially many suspected that alcohol may have been involved but apparently nothing could be further from the truth.

Reports are instead suggesting that the accident was caused by fatigue on the part of Girard who was hard at work using his image and his platform as a player in the National Hockey League to better the lives of those less fortunate in his community. Girard is believed to have been working at a charity event prior to the accident and likely was exhausted on the way home. A lack of sleep can be as deadly as alcohol behind the wheel of a motor vehicle but thankfully Girard will learn this lesson without anyone getting hurt. 

The 20 year old defenseman has not made any kind of statement since he was involved in the accident however Girard's mother, Guylaine Dion, has been able to confirm to the media that her son was fortunate and has been able to walk away from the crash without any kind of serious injuries. That is good news for Girard and his family and by extension it's also good news for the Colorado Avalanche as well, however it's not all good news. 

As you can see from the picture of the accident there was significant damage to the black Chevrolet Camaro that he was driving at the time of the crash and to make things even worse the vehicle was one that had been provided by a sponsor of his. According to Le Lac St. Jean the car was actually given to Girard as part of his deal with Duchesne Auto d’Alma although credit to his sponsor they have been very understanding given the circumstances of his crash. 

A young man working himself to the point of exhaustion for charity is nowhere near the public relations disaster that driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol would have caused, and if anything it paints Girard in a positive light despite the fact that he should likely have been more responsible the wheel. Perhaps as a result of the positive image that has come as a result of this Duchesne Auto d’Alma has already agreed to provide Girard with another vehicle over the course of the next few days.

It's an awfully nice move from what is just a local sponsor, and it becomes an even kinder gesture when you realize that Girard had only just received his black Camaro from Duchesne Auto d’Alma just a few weeks ago, and he even published pictures on social media to commemorate the event, or perhaps as part of his agreement with the sponsor. In spite of the first car only lasting a few weeks it sounds like Duchesne Auto d’Alma has faith that Girard will make this next one last a little longer.

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