NHL News : Two NHL legends will have their jerseys retired next season.
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Two NHL legends will have their jerseys retired next season.

Huge announcement.

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Two more legendary numbers are going up into the rafters. 

According to a breaking news report from Anaheim Ducks insider Eric Stephens the Ducks are now making preparations to retire the numbers of two of the greatest players to ever play for their franchise. Stepehens report that both former National Hockey League defenseman Scott Niedermayer and former National Hockey League forward Paul Kariya will have their numbers retired the course of the 2018 - 2019 NHL regular season.

This is of course a tremendous announcement for both of the men involved in this announcement but it will also likely make for two once in a lifetime type moments for the fans of the Anaheim Ducks franchise. Not only are both Kariya and Niedermayer two of the best players to ever put on an Anaheim Ducks jersey but they are both considered to be among the truly elite players who have played in their respective positions during their NHL careers. 

Paul Kariya will be the first to be honored as according to Stephens the ceremony for his jersey retirement is expected to be held on the 21st of October. The timing is likely designed to help the Ducks kick off the 2017 - 2018 season and considering that their players are starting to age and slow down they may need all the help they can get when it comes to getting fans into the building next season. 

Kariya is of course a legendary winger who appeared in a total of 989 games over the course of his National Hockey League career. There's no question that Kariy'a career was derailed quite drastically by the numerous head injuries he suffered during his career, he played during an era where the NHL did not protect elite players like him from head shots, but despite that ended his career with some staggering numbers. His 402 goals and 587 combine for a total of 989 points and that is enough to make him a point per game player over the course of his entire career in spite of the fact that he was so seriously injured at a number of times in his career.

Niedermayer will have his jersey retired considerably later in the season, according to the report from Stephens that ceremony will take place on 17th of February. 

Niedermayer much like Kariya is a player that truly needs no introduction. He is widely considered one of the greatest defensemen to ever play the sport of hockey and he has the career numbers to back it up. Niedermayer appeared in a whopping 1263 games despite his physical brand of play over the years and he recorded 172 goals and 568 assists for a whopping 7409 career points as an NHL defenseman. Unlike Kariya though Niedermayer boasts a Stanley Cup ring, in fact he boasts 4 of them. Not only is Niedermayer celebrated as one of the best in the game for his high level of play but the sheer amount of winning he did during his career, on multiple teams, cements him as a player who absolutely deserves this honor. 

Congratulations to both men.

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Photo Credit: Duncan Williams/CSM/Zuma