Tragedy strikes NHL legend Teemu Selanne.

Terrible tragedy strikes beloved NHLer.

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We have some incredibly sad and tragic news to report. 

According to a report from Anaheim Ducks' insider Eric Stephens of the Orange County Register, former Anaheim Ducks superstar and National Hockey League legend Teemu Selanne has just been struck by a terrible tragedy. Stephens is reporting that Selanne's mother, Liisa Viitanen, has died under absolutely tragic circumstances leaving the former NHL star completely devastated.

Now some may be quick to point out that Selanne's mother was in the later stages of her life and that she lived a full life so that this news is not all that tragic, but the circumstances of her passing make those thoughts or comments ridiculous. Selanne's mother had gone to the hospital in order to have replacement knee surgery when complications from that procedure led to her death. Needless to say when you have a loved one go into surgery to replace their knee the last thing you expect to hear after the process has been completed is that the person in question has died. 

It's unclear at this time if the complications stemmed from health issues that Liisa Viitanen was suffering or if there may have been some medical negligence or malpractice at play here. I have no doubt that a man with Selanne's resources will be looking into this quite extensively once he has gathered himself after such a shocking turn of events in his life, but there's also no doubt that whatever the outcome of that may be it's unlikely to make this tragedy any easier to accept. 

Selanne took to social media to announce the passing of his mother and did so with an emotional, heartfelt and rather saddening message to the woman who gave him life. Here is Selanne's message unedited and in full:

Mom The Last couple of days have been the toughest days of my life, there is no words to describe this sadness , losing your loved one is so tough, but losing your mom is even tougher, your knee replacement surgery was supposed to give more joy in your life but instead of joy ,the complications the day after suddenly took my lovely mom away from me and us. I have been the luckiest boy and man to Have you as my mom . I have never met such a kind, loving, genuine, unselfish and positive person in my life. Your inspiration and example of how to treat people with such kind love is the biggest Legacy that you can leave for me and all of us. You have always loved angels and your house is full of angels, now you will be one and I know you will be guarding all of us. I am so proud of you and I love you so much and I will miss you every second rest of my life until we meet again. Rest in piece mom. I love u.

Our condolences go out to Teemu and the rest of his extended family as well as all of Liisa Viitanen's friends and the people who loved her.