Team demands no-trade list from star forward.

NHL star has been asked for his list of teams.

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A National Hockey League team has just made it known that they will in fact be trading one of their top stars, or at the very least will be attempting to trade him if they can find the right fit. 

New York Rangers insider Larry Brooks has been able to confirm that the New York Rangers have approached forward Rick Nash and requested his 18-team no trade list. The no trade list effectively gives the Rangers the name of 12 teams that Nash would accept a trade to, with him being able to veto any trade to the 18 other teams. 

According to Brooks the demand was made by general manager Jeff Gorton, although it's unclear when the demand was made and whether or not Nash has already submitted his list. Nash however did acknowledge that he was on the trading block when he spoke to the media on Monday prior to the Rangers match up against the Dallas Stars.

“It’s disappointing, it sucks,” Nash said as per the New York Post “I love being a Ranger, love being in New York. It’s just the things that happen when your team doesn’t win and they have to make business decisions. It’s really disappointing.”

Nash made his name as one of the NHL's most dominant goal scorers during his time with the Columbus Blue Jackets, but was unable to match that level of offensive production after being traded to the Rangers organization. While it's true that he has played a more defensively responsible role during his tenure as a Ranger, with a cap hit of $7.8 million his lack of goal-scoring often led to criticism and disappointment in New York.

Brooks believes that Gorton will be looking for a first-round pick in exchange for Nash's services, so you have to imagine that demand will narrow the list of team's willing to take on Nash as a rental. The Rangers will need a lot of things to fall into place to move Nash, a team that wants him, one that has the cap space to make the move realistic, one that has a first round pick to give up, and perhaps most important of all one that is not on his no-trade list. 

To Nash though it may not matter where he is traded, because it sounds like no matter where he goes it will be a disappointment. 

“I have no idea how I’m going to explain to my son that he can’t cheer for the Rangers. That definitely went through my head,” Nash said. “Every time he sees a goal, he starts singing the song. It’s tough, but it’s the reality. It’s the business side of it. When you go through certain things of where you could end up, you definitely think about your family and your kids and the best situation to win. I mean, it’s tough.”