Sidney Crosby scores one of the most ridiculous goals of the entire NHL season.

It's already being called the goal of the year.

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Just in case that you forgot that Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby is not only one of the best hockey players in the world today, but one of the greatest to ever play the sport of hockey, he's here to remind of that fact. 

Crosby and his Pittsburgh Penguins were facing off against the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday night, and while the game was marred in a bit of controversy due to another controversial goaltender interference call, it also was packed with plenty of highlight reel plays on both sides of the ice. However the highlight of the doubt will undoubtedly go to Crosby himself.

Roughly three quarters of the way through the games second period a broken play resulted in one of the most ridiculous, one of the most absurd, and one of the most spectacular goals I have seen all season, and it was scored by none other than Sid the Kid. The puck was hit no less than 4 times in mid air before finding it's way into the back of the net behind Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price.

Crosby, who was playing the puck along the boards initially, looked like he was trying to make a centering pass to teammate Jake Guentzel who was in front of the Canadiens net, but that attempt at a pass went off the stick of Montreal Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry, causes the puck to wobble through the air. 

Guentzel however was alert on the play and managed to tap it in mid air, before it ever hit the ground off of the deflection from Petry's stick, but on it's own that would hardly be an impressive feat. However Crosby came charging from the boards all the way in front of the net, and he then caught Guentzel's tap in mid air, hitting it once before giving it a second whack to put it in the back of the net behind Carey PRrice.

It was one of the most impressive displays of hand eye coordination you're ever going to see in the sport of hockey, and the mere fact that Crosby never gave up on the play from the time he was along the boards is a testament to the level of compete he brings to the table night in and night out at the National Hockey League level.

Now some, including Sportsnet, are already calling this the very best goal of the year, although I'm not entirely sure I would give it that distinction despite the fact that it is clearly an incredible play. Certainly it belongs in the conversation at the very least, but I'm going to have to go back and look at all the amazing goals that have been scored this season before I give this one my vote. 

Nonetheless it is truly a spectacular goal and one more than worth your time to check out., but we wanna hear from you if you do take the time to watch the video. Do you think this deserves to be called the goal of the year? If not which goal would you give the #1 spot to for the 2017-2018 season thus far?

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