Rumor: Major injury on Oilers roster rekindles trade talks with the Bruins.

a trade on the horizon?

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The Oilers recently announced that veteran defenseman Andrej Sekera had suffered a very serious injury, one that could likely result in him missing the first several months of the 2018 - 2019 National Hockey League regular season. The injury is a huge blow to the Oilers blue line and general manager Peter Chiarelli has already committed to replacing the often injured Sekera moving forward, although how he does that remains to be seen.

One very obvious candidate for a potential trade with the Oilers would be Peter Chiarelli's former team, the Boston Bruins. The Bruins currently have 8 NHL ready defensemen under contract and on their roster and that has led many to speculate that the Bruins may be looking to make a deal from the blue line. In fact when the Bruins signed defenseman John Moore this summer many believed that the writing was on the wall for a Bruins trade from their group of defensemen. 

'What makes this particular rumor much more interesting is the fact that the Bruins and the Oilers reportedly had talks regarding a trade that could have potentially sent Bruins defenseman Torey Krug to the Oilers organization. The Oilers have nee looking to add depth on the left side of their line and losing Sekera makes the entire situation considerably worse moving forward. The Oilers reportedly weren't willing to pay the price for Krug at the time but you have to wonder if this new injury may play a factor. 

Bruins insider Joe Haggerty believes there is a real chance these two teams revisit their talks form earlier in the summer. From Haggerty:

That leaves the Oilers badly in need of a left-shot, top-four D-man with some offensive upside and leaves open the kind of job description that Krug could very neatly fill in Edmonton. This is after some very clear interest from Edmonton in the talented, productive Krug last season. It would bring about a reunion of the offensive D-man with the general manager who originally signed him with the Bruins as an undrafted defenseman out of Michigan State.

It's believed that the Bruins were offering Krug in a package for forward Ryan Nugent Hopkins and that cost may have turned  the Oilers off the deal. But with their newfound esperation the Bruins may have significant leverage of their own.