Rival GM spotted watching the Oilers for the second night in a row.

Oilers rumored to be working on something big.

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The National Hockey League's trade season is already over, at least as far as in-season trades are concerned, but a pair of general managers who's jobs are believed to be on the line may currently be working on a big trade.

While we haven't heard any rumors regarding a potential trade between the Ottawa Senators and the Edmonton Oilers, at least not lately, there is now no longer any question that there is in fact something going on between these two teams. This is only speculation on my part of course but the evidence is certainly pointing to some kind of trade already being in the works.

According to a report from Sportsnet senior columnist Mark Spector, Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion has been spotted scouting the Oilers in person for the second consecutive night in a row. Needless to say that this is very atypical behavior from an NHL general manager even during trade season, but it becomes even more glaring when it happens outside of the NHL's trade window.

What's particularly interesting about this rumor is the fact that both the aforementioned Pierre Dorion and general manager of the Edmonton Oilers Peter Chiarelli are men who currently find themselves in a desperate situation. The expectations for both of their teams this season were at minimum another significant playoff run, and given that both teams now seemed destined to miss the postseason they have massively underachieved.

While a trade between the Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators could certainly make sense for hockey reasons, it wouldn't be a shock to see either of these two general managers attempt to make a big splash in order to save their respective jobs this summer. There have been rumors suggesting that NHL legend Wayne Gretzky has been applying pressure behind the scenes to get Chiarelli out the door in Edmonton, and perhaps making a blockbuster type of deal is how Chiarelli can save his job. 

Meanwhile Pierre Dorion has been embroiled in controversy ever since it was made public that the Senators were indeed listening to potential trade offers for superstar defenseman Erik Karlsson. The news not only created a ton of trade activity around the Senators in the days leading up to the NHL trade deadline, but it also infuriated the local fan base in Ottawa.

After just taking over as general manager Dorion is now looking at the worst season ticket renewal rate in the history of the Ottawa Senators, and another big move from the Senators, like the monster trade they pulled off for Matt Duchene earlier in the season, could be exactly what he needs to once again build fan interest in that market.

The reality of the situation is that both Chiarelli and Dorion have to know that their jobs are in serious jeopardy at this stage of the season, and both men have to know that they might not make it to the start of next season if something drastic doesn't change between now and then. Could the two troubled general managers be looking to one another in order to save their respective jobs? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and let us know who you believe Dorion has been scouting over the last two nights.