Report: Rick Nash's NHL career may be over.

Second source confirms shocking report.

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We now have a second source confirming one of the more stunning reports in recent memory. 

Earlier this week a stunning report from Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe reported that veteran National Hockey League forward Rick Nash was seriously considering stepping away from the game of hockey due to concerns about the long term impacts repeated blows to his head could have on his health further down the road. Dupont's report sounded frankly a little ridiculous but he is not only an incredibly good source on all matters Boston Bruins but he claims his information came directly from Bruins general manager Don Sweeney.

From the Boston Globe:

Nash, according to Sweeney, continues to say through agent Joe Resnick that he isn’t sure if he wants to continue his career. He has had a few concussions over 1,149 career games (including playoffs) and now, amid the nearly daily stories of ex-NHLers dealing with addled brains, has to be pondering what his quality of life will be at 34 and beyond.

Despite Dupont's level of credibility there continued to be rumors following his report that Nash was in talks with multiple teams around the National Hockey League and there was even an indication that his preference was to return as a member of the Columbus Blue Jackets. That being said though we now have a second credible source reporting that Nash is in fact seriously considering stepping away from the game. 

In a report on Thursday veteran ESPN reporter Greg Wyshynski revealed that he has heard over the past several days that Nash has in fact informed interested parties that he is not currently on the market for another NHL contract. Wyshynski's sources appear to have indicated to him that the hiatus would be just for a single season, but if Nash is stepping away for a full year at this stage of his professional career you have to believe that this could be the end.

From ESPN:

One of the biggest names in NHL free agency has informed teams he's not on the market.

Rick Nash, 34, is taking time to contemplate whether to play in the 2018-19 season due to health considerations, according to his agent, Joe Resnick.

While Resnick wouldn't confirm what the health considerations were, Nash has suffered several reported concussions during his NHL career, most recently in March as a member of the Boston Bruins. He missed six weeks with concussion symptoms in 2013 while with the Rangers.

Although Resnick would not confirm that health concerns were the motivating factor for Nash here he did go out of his way to point out that his client was leaving a lot of money on the table. It seems fair to say that with money and competitive teams not being an issue that health, and potentially even retirement, are the primary factors at play here.

"Rick has the utmost ethics and integrity," Resnick told ESPN on Thursday. "We turned down a lot of money. Let's put it that way."

If so it would be an unfortunate way to end a tremendous career, but if Nash is worried about his quality of life down the road I can't blame him. He's already made his millions, he can comfortably walk off into the sunset if it's what he really wants to do.