Racy pictures of Matthews' ex-girlfriend surface!


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The Toronto Maple Leafs are having one hell of a start to the 2018-19 season, as expected, however, it remains surprising and exciting to see how much star forward Auston Matthews is on fire! The kid has managed to score nine goals in just five contests already this season, and he does not seem ready to stop. You can see one of his beauties in the video above, atop of this article. 

Matthews may be on fire, he who will surely sign a lucrative long-term contract with the Maple Leafs before he is set to become a restricted free agent in the summer of 2019, however, it is NOT the hottest thing about the young forward. 

It appears that while everything is running smoothly on the ice for Matthews, it is not the same for his love life taking place off the ice. There are rumors that his relationship with a young model named Jordyn Johnson is not over. The young woman has now erased all the photos of her with Matthews on his various social media accounts and the star player of the Maple Leafs has now stopped liking the pictures of Johnson all over the internet. 

However, how can he? The woman is gorgeous and now, she is getting loads of attention, not only because she is the ex-girlfriend of one of the best players on the Leafs' roster, but also because the pictures that have now surfaced are quite raunchy... 

See for yourself: 

Matthews apparently has more success on the ice than off if the rumour is true that Johnson and the Leafs player have ended their relationship. We are pretty sure rival players will have no pity telling Matthews he was a fool to let her go as the young woman is obviously stunning. 

Matthews, who is the third player in franchise history to score in the first five games of a season, is currently on a historic pace so far this season, which is quite exciting for the Leafs. 

Toronto's leading scorer has shown that he can score on the ice, but surely, he fails too off of it... no?