Rangers sign NHL enforcer in controversial move.

NHL enforcer will join the Rangers.

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The New York Rangers have made a high profile addition to their roster and the move is not one that everyone seems to be happy with.

According to an official report from the New York Rangers organization the team has signed veteran National Hockey League enforcer Cody McLeod, a move that is being viewed with no small amount of controversy at this time. The Rangers have not disclosed the financial terms of this curent deal but they have announced that it will be a one year contract. If I had to take a guess, and this is purely a guess at this time, I would assume that the deal will likely hover somewhere around the National Hockey League's league minimum salary. The Rangers do have plenty of cap space though so even if they did give McLeod a little extra on this deal it likely won't impact them at all.

By signing McLeod the Rangers not only add veteran depth on the wing but they will also effectively have recruited some protection for some of the young players that will comprise the majority of their roster this coming season. Say what you will about what McLeod brings to the table in terms of being an offensive talent, but the man continues to find work in the National Hockey League and at the very least that id an indication that franchises around the league believe that his presence brings significant value to a roster.

Reporter Adam Herman of New York Rangers blog Blue Shirts banter is clearly not a fan of this move, on Thursday he responded to a fan that was heavily critical of the move, suggesting that the move could have a negative impact on the Rangers young players, by largely agreeing with the sentiment that was being expressed.

From Herman:

I've noticed a trend where people think it's really cool to not care. It's sports. Nothing matters and do as you like. But you're not better than others because you're not reacting to things.

I'm not nearly as negative on the move as Herman, I see it as relatively harmless, and I have the utmost faith in Rangers general manager Jeff Gorton.