Pekka Rinne wipes tears from his eyes as fans celebrate his 300th win.

Rinne overcome by the love from the Nashville crowd.

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You could not have written a better script for the 300th win of goaltender Pekka Rinne's National Hockey League career. 

On Thursday night the Nashville Predators faced off against the San Jose Sharks and the Predators had a chance to secure win number 300 for their star goalie, and boy did they ever deliver. 

From the moment the first puck dropped you could tell there was an extra step in the game of the Nashville players, and by the end of the game the 7 - 1 scoreline clearly showed who the more determined team was on that night. 

After the game the stars of the game were announced and unsurprisingly the first star of the game was reserved for Pekka Rinne himself, giving him a chance to take a victory lap for win number 300, and giving the fans in Nashville a chance to celebrate the incredible milestone. 

Rinne came out and gave the fans a victory lap as he waved, however as he went to speak on the microphone for a post-game interview, the roar of the crowd erupted to become even louder. The result was the words from Rinne getting caught in his throat, and he instead turned to wave to the crowd once again to acknowledge their support. 

It was more than just a thank you from Rinne however, the veteran goalie was clearly overcome with emotion after the outpouring of love from the Nashville fans and he could be seen wiping tears from his eyes before going back to his post-game interview. 

An incredible moment for Rinne, and an incredible moment for all the fans who support him.