Oilers insider predicts huge 3-piece trade from the Oilers at the draft.

Oilers insider predicts a blockbuster trade deal.

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A National Hockey League insider has just proposed an extremely interesting trade with the Edmonton Oilers at the heart of it all. 

First for some context, as many of you will already know Edmonton Oilers, and more specifically general manager Peter Chiarelli, have already strongly hinted at the fact that they will make their top 10 pick at the 2018 National Hockey League Entry Draft available for trade deals. Chiarelli has gone on record as stating that he is looking for immediate help at the NHL level and as a result would be willing to put the pick in play if it allows him to acquire that kind of help. 

Now of course this leaves all kinds of interesting trade scenarios open for the Oilers as they head into the draft due to the fact that there are so many seemingly glaring holes that need to be filled on their roster. After all if you can't even make the playoffs with a player like Connor McDavid on your roster it would be unfair to suggest that there is just one area of weakness on the entire roster. Despite the fact that there are numerous needs Edmonton Oilers insider Ryan Rishaug believes that the team's "number one need by a mile" remains getting additional help on defense. 

During a recent interview onTSN's 1260 radio in Edmonton Rishaug touched on a number of ways that the Oilers could potentially plug that whole, and while he did lay out multiple scenarios one stood out above all the others. 

"So what do you do? Do you get yourself somehow in the Ekman-Larsson fray? Do you go in the Eric Karlsson direction? It's probably not necessarily in that direction. Do the Minnesota Wild make a move on Matt Dumba? You know with the draft that the Buffalo Sabres are about to have does Rasmus Ristolainen all of a sudden potentially up for grabs?

Of all the possibilities laid out here by Rishaug a trade involving Rasmus Ristolainen, a player once considered untouchable by the Buffalo Sabres, now makes the most sense. The Sabres are expected to pick Rasmus Dahlin with the first overall pick in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft and with the current state of their team it wouldn't be crazy to see them hit the reset button and look to build around Dahlin and star forward Jack Eicheil. Rishaug also lays out an extremely interesting three piece deal that he could see making this trade a reality.

"Considering the pick they are about to make at number one can they maybe move Ristolainen out? Do they maybe look to bring a veteran Swede in to help with the blue line with their new young Swede? Is there potential of a Klefbom swap out to Buffalo maybe along with that pick?

Would the 10th pick in the draft as well as the addition of a player that could help ease the transition for a future superstar in Rasmus Dahlin be enough to get the Sabres to pull the trigger on the deal? Are the Oilers giving up enough here to acquire a player with the kind of long term potential that Ristolainen has to offer? Are they giving up too much by giving up a high end pick in a deep draft as well as one of their own young defensemen? 

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