NHL News : NHL defenseman says he's 'sour' after arbitration with his team.
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NHL defenseman says he's 'sour' after arbitration with his team.

NHL defenseman not happy with his team.

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When it rains it pours.

It would be an incredible under statement to suggest that this has been a bad year for the Ottawa Senators franchise, the team has seemingly been falling apart on every single level and thus far it has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon. 

The trouble started when the Senators season collapsed under them after a run the previous season that had them legitimately threatening as Stanley Cup contenders, a problem that may have been caused by internal strife in the Senators locker room. We have by now all heard the reports of the allegations made by Melinda Karlsson, the wife of Ottawa Senators' superstar defenseman Erik Karlsson, against Monika Caryk, the fiancee of former Senators forward Mike Hoffman. There is very good reason to believe that is the main catalyst for why Hoffman, a proven goal scorer, is no longer a members of the Senators roster and there is no question that the trade that was made to ship him out of town left the Senators weaker. 

There have also been rumors that Karlsson himself is no longer satisfied with the situation in Ottawa and as a result there have been rampant trade rumors regarding Karlsson's future with the team as well. The Senators reportedly offered Karlsson $10 million per season on a contract extension but that deal was rejected by the NHL superstar and it now seems to be a guarantee that he will be leaving the Senators sooner rather than later. 

The Senators however have managed to top all of that off with yet another disgruntled player however and this time it's another defenseman in veteran Cody Ceci. The Senators were recently involved in a prolonged arbitration battle with the 24 year old blue liner and although there was eventually a deal put in place and accepted by both sides, it seems that the arbitration process may have left the player with a bitter taste in his mouth.

Ceci was recently a guest on 1200 radio in Ottawa when he was asked about the usually difficult arbitration process and his comments were not good to say the least. Although there's no doubt that Ceci's agent and management team would have prepared him for a process that has destroyed many a relationship between player and team, it seems that things were far worse than he had imagine even with the warnings beforehand. 

"It wasn't a fun process...It was worse than I expected," said Ceci. "You're definitely a little sour after the whole process."

Unfortunately for Ceci he has not been getting much support from the Senators fan base following his comments and if anything it seems like he has been on the receiving end of mockery from the Senators fan base following the arbitration award. Ceci was awarded a one year deal worth a whopping $4.3 million per season and that has not sat well with Senators fans. Statistically Ceci is widely regarded as one of the worst top 4 defensemen in the league and, although his ice time certainly warranted a raise, it hasn't earned him any points with the Senators fan base.

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