NHL News : Meeting in Ottawa could have huge impact on the future of the Sens franchise.
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Meeting in Ottawa could have huge impact on the future of the Sens franchise.

A huge day for Ottawa on the calendar tomorrow.

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The Ottawa Senators franchise has not been trending in a positive direction as of late but that all may be about to change. 

According to a breaking news report from Ottawa Senators insider Ian Mendes of TSN, he has received confirmation from the office of Ottawa city mayor Jim Watson regarding a huge meeting that is expected to take place on Friday. Mendes reports that Wataon is set to have a face to face meeting with Ottawa Senators' owner Eugene Melnyk and given the current relationship between these two there could be a ton of fireworks coming out of this meeting. 

Watson and Melnyk are both heavily involved in a major development project in Ottawa known as the LeBreton Flats and although both men appear to have the same goal in that regard, at least from the outside looking in, the two men have also clashed more and more in recent months. In fact things have deteriorated so far that it is know an open secret that Watson would much prefer to move forward with the project if someone other than Melnyk was the current owner of the Ottawa Senators organization. 

It was not always an open secret however and in fact it may have only slipped out because of a former Ottawa Senators legend, Daniel Alfredsson. Alfredsson made comments to an Ottawa blogger that indicated that both he and Watson, a close personal friend of Alfredsson's, wanted someone else to take over the Senators.

"We’ve talked a lot, we’ve talked about the future of the Senators and of its ownership and we agree," said Alfredsson at the time.

The comments were meant to be off the record, at least according to Alfredsson, but the blogger disagreed and published the comments publicly, the most damning of which was the following:

"We hope we get a new owner," the former captain said.

The we of course referred to Watson and that has really let the cat out of the bag as far as his vision for the LeBrton Flats is concerned. Watson of course still wants the project to move forward but Melnyk is obviously not the partner he wants, Melnyk is now armed with this information and that will likely have a major impact on how tomorrow's meeting plays out.

I expect some significant news to leak out throughout the day on Friday.

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