NHL News : McKenzie: NHL team will make all but 1 of their players available for trade.
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McKenzie: NHL team will make all but 1 of their players available for trade.

McKenzie: Everybody else – everybody else – is available.

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A National Hockey League franchise may be looking to drastically change the culture of their organization, and in order to do so they've reportedly made every single player on their roster, with one notable exception, available for a potential trade deal. 

On Monday TSN insider Bob McKenzie was an in studio guest on TSN's OverDrive when the topic of potential trade activity leading up to, and at, the 2018 National Hockey League Entry Draft came up, and McKenzie made some very interest comments. Unsolicited McKezie brought up the Carolina Hurricanes and their current situation and it was quite clear from his emphatic comments that he expects some significant changes to be made during the offseason.

"There's one guy on the team they are not prepared to trade, Sebastion Aho. Everybody else, everybody else, is available,"said McKenzie with a ton of certainty in his voice. 

The news may come as a surprise considering the Hurricanes haven't made the playoffs in 9 straight seasons and as a result have amassed some young up and coming prospects. There is however the outside variable of new ownership taking over the team and owner Tom Dundon has already demonstrated that he is willing to make drastic changes, having already made changes at general manager, head coach, and team president. 

McKenzie was then asked about specific players on the roster include Carolina Hurricanes players including talented goal scorer Jeff Skinner, and his answer was even more surprising than is initial comments.

"Skinner's getting moved I would think," added the veteran NHL insider.

Skinner is an extremely talented goal scorer and would likely fetch quite a price on the open market in the NHL, especially considering how many teams will be interested in adding an extra jolt to their offense after failing to achieve their goal of winning the Stanley Cup this season. Skinner's defensive liabilities will certainly hurt him in the eyes of potential suitors but at just 25 years of age and with Skinner having already earned three 30+ goal seasons over his career, there will be plenty of interest.

McKenzie was then asked if even a talented defender the likes of Justin Faulk could be among those on the move and this time he reiterated his previous comments regarding the availability of every player on the roster with the exception of one. 

"Everybody except for Aho."

"I think Faulk is very much in play I think Skinner is very much in play."

One interesting detail to take note of here is the fact that McKenzie seems so confident that Skinner will be moved bu the Hurricanes. The reason this detail stands out is that Skinner is currently protected by a full no movement clause, a clause that indicates the player himself would have to want a trade in order for the team to move him. Could McKenzie's confidence stem from the fact that he knows Skinner is not currently happy with the situation in Carolina? 

Skinner has 1 year remaining on his current deal, a deal that carries an average annual value and cap hit of $5.7 million, while Faulk on the other hand has two years left on his deal at $4.8 million per season against the cap, but $6 million in cold hard cash. Both men are unrestricted free agents at the end of those deals so any teams looking to acquire them would only have control over either player for a short period of time without a contract extension.

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