Matt Duchene gets completely roasted by his own teammate.

That's hilarious.

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Ottawa Senators star forward Matt Duchene joined the ranks of the Senators organization at a very difficult and trying time for both the organization as a whole as well as for the players in the locker room. As a result of that timing you might expect that it would have been difficult for Duchene to endear himself to his fellow teammates but that does not appear to have been the case, at least not as far as one of his teammates is concerned. 

On Thursday veteran Senators forward Ryan Dzingel took to social media and absolutely roasted Duchene in one of the more hilarious social media posts that I have seen from a professional hockey player at the National Hockey League level in a very long time. Not only was the roast entirely unexpected but it also seems to have come entirely unprovoked from Dzingel, something that in my personal opinion likely speaks to the friendship that these two have formed over their short time together on the Senators. 

Dzingel published a picture of himself, with his helmet on, alongside Duchene in what appears to be a pregame warm up before a match up with the Edmonton Oilers. It's important to note here that Duchene is featured with his helmet off in this particular photo and I have absolutely no doubt that this was done very deliberately by Dzingel. You see it's not the photo itself that creates the comedy, but rather the photo when combined with the rather hilarious caption that was provided by Dizingel just below it. 

In the caption Dzingel indicated that he was really looking forward to chatting it up with Duchene again this season and provided some rather amusing quotes to give fans a look inside the mind of the former Colorado Avalanche star. Here is what Dzingel wrote, unedited and in full for the sake of preserving the context of the post.

Can't wait to get this year started and listen to 95 in warm ups.  "Dude you'd be surprise there's not that much product in my hair." "It's actually scary how good looking I am." "You gonna score?" "Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?" "You ever been to Halliburton ontario? Gods country Chum"

Now not only is this rather hilarious to see because of just how poignant the shots being taken at Duchene are, but it also has to feel like a pretty good sign for fans of the Ottawa Senators. That fan base has had very little to celebrate over the course of the last year and even the acquisition of Duchene himself looked terrible initially. Duchene has however come into his own during his time in Ottawa and forming a strong bond with one of the organizations more talented wingers is an excellent way to ensure that he continues to trend in the right direction. 

I sincerely hope that Duchene will fire back, although admittedly it's gonna be hard to top Dzingel here, and if je does I also hope that this continues to play out publicly where we can all see and enjoy it.