Keith & Brady Tkachuk explain this week's huge announcement.

Brady Tkachuk explains his monumental decision.

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The 4th overall pick in the 2018 National Hockey League Entry Draft, 18 year old  Brady Tkachuk, made a huge decision this week when it was revealed that he had decided to go pro. The news came as a big surprise to many as Tkachuk had hinted at the fact that he would strongly consider returning to Boston University as part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association but it seems the decision was made at the very last minute. 

Brady of course comes from quite the hockey pedigree given the fact that his father Keith Tkachuk was a star in the National Hockey League and his brother Matthew Tkachuk is quickly establishing himself as one as well, already becoming one of the most popular players currently on the Calgary Flames roster. It's likely at least part of the reason that the Ottawa Senators selected him so high and that high selection likely also played a role in Brady's eventual decision to turn bro. According to his father Keith though it was not an easy decision, especially not when it came to the phone call he made to Boston University men's hockey coach Albie O'Connell.

"We had Brady home this weekend and he decided to sign," Keith Tkachuk said as per "He is so emotional right now because he loves [Boston University] and his teammates. He's such a great kid. He had the toughest call of his life calling Albie."

The decision has been hugely popular among the Senators fan base and, given just how desperate those fans have been for some good news regarding the future of their franchise, that comes as little surprise given the current state of that team. Some believe however that Tkachuk would have been better suited to continue developing at Boston University, although the young man himself does not agree with that assessment.

"The decision will be based on what's best for my development short and long term," he said. "I want to have a long career, and I don't want to go somewhere and not have an impact. I want to make an impact wherever I go and be able to contribute and play my best.

Some also had very reasonable fears about how the current state of the Ottawa Senators organization would impact the likelihood of him going the college route, however if that was a factor in the decision it does not appear to have swayed Tkachuk too much. Brady Tkachuk says made the decision after consulting with his family, he was in his father's home when he made the call to O'Connell, but in the end the final choice was his. 

"Each party deserves to have the time to adjust to whatever decision is made, and my goal has never been to make this a last-second decision. It's tough for me to be on the phone with my parents because we're not in the same city, but I want to talk to them face to face because their opinion, and the opinion of my brother and sister, are important. They'll tell me what they think, but it'll be my decision in the end."

Very excited to see how the next stage of his career will go.