Full breakdown of the massive 3-way trade involving 11 different pieces.

What a crazy trade.

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We now officially have a monster trade in the National Hockey League, one that involves three different teams and 10 different moving parts, and one so complicated that it took the teams involved two different attempts to get approval from the NHL.

In this article I will be merely providing you a full break down of what each team will be giving up as well as what each team will be receiving in the deal. If you want a full run down of everything that transpired in and around this trade today I would refer you to this story published earlier on our website.

We will begin with the Pittsburgh Penguins as not only are they receiving the best player in this trade, but they are also the team giving up the most in this deal in an attempt to make yet another run at a Stanley Cup Championship.

What the Penguins gave up:

Veteran defenseman Ian Cole.

Veteran enforcer Ryan Reaves

Goaltending prospect Filip Gustavsson.

First round pick in 2018.

Third round draft pick in 2019.

Fourth round draft pick in 2018(Canucks).

What the Penguins get back in the deal:

Veteran center Derick Brassard.

Forward prospect Vincent Dunn.

Forward prospect Tobias Lindberg.

Third round draft pick in 2018(Ottawa).

Salary retention of 40% on Brassard's contract from the Golden Knights.

What the Senators gave up:

Veteran center Derick Brassard.

Forward prospect Vincent Dunn.

Third round pick in 2018.

What the Senators get back in the deal:

Goaltending prospect Filip Gustavsson.

Veteran defenseman Ian Cole.

First round pick in 2018(Pittsburgh).

Third round pick in 2019(Pittsburgh).

What the Golden Knights gave up:

Goaltending prospect Filip Gustavsson.

40% salary retention on Derick Brassard's contract.

What the Golden Knights got back in the deal:

Veteran enforcer Ryan Reaves.

Fourth round pick in 2018(Vancouver).

While the trade involving forwards Kyle Turris and Matt Duchene likely remain the biggest trade of the National Hockey League season in terms of sheer size, as well as the level of difficulty involved in pulling this kind of deal off, this trade deal was truly massive.