Former NHL enforcer enters a cross dressing competition... and wins!

Holy crap I can't believe it!

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A former National Hockey League enforcer shocked the world this week end when he went well above and beyond any reasonable expectations and did so all for a good cause. 

The city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada is currently holding it's annual Montreal Pride event, a 10 day festival that celebrates all things LGBTQ and as you would expect at such an event that includes efforts to raise money for a good cause. There are all sorts of charity events going on during the festival but there has already been an event that may have stolen the show for the entire festival. 

This week end the Montreal Pride festival hosted a high profile drag competition and the competition not only featured a number of relatively unknown participants but also had some local celebrities participating in the contest in an effort to raise money for a good cause, and it just so happens that one of those local celebrities is a former player from the National Hockey League. Now any NHL player participating would likely have raised a number of eyebrows but the fact that it is a player who had a reputation as one of the toughest men in the league when he played makes it that much more stunning. 

According to a report from Montreal Canadiens blogger Jared Book none other than former Montreal Canadiens' enforcer Georges Laraque entered the drag competition this week end. It appears that not only did Laraque enter the competition however but he blew his fellow contests out of the water and captured first prize in the entire event. Now to be perfectly honest I didn't see the contest myself and have only seen pictures of Laraque in drag but I am willing to bet that the fact that he is a former NHL enforcer earned him a great deal of points with the judges who were overseeing the competition. 

We have two pictures from the event and both were taken by Montreal Canadiens team photographer Shanna Martin so there's no doubt about their legitimacy. Huge props to Laraque for having the cojones to get up on a stage in front of tons of people and doing this. Laraque has stated that he will be donating all of the money from his winnings to an LGBTQ charity of his choice.