NHL News : Foreign government makes bizarre $100,000 contribution related to Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final.
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Foreign government makes bizarre $100,000 contribution related to Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final.

Something smells fishy here.

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We have a very bizarre report regarding Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final, a game that will be contested between the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning at Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. 

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post has just revealed that the tiny and wealthy nation of Qatar has made the decision to pay $100,000 in order to keep the Metro system open in Washington for an extended period of time following Game 4 on Thursday. The city of Washington has reportedly been seeking sponsorship money from large corporations in order to keep the metro open later in the event that the Capitals' home games go to overtime, tonight's Game 3 will be covered by Exelon and Pepco.

This may be a perfectly normal scenario but I have to admit that the thought of Qatar, a country that has been accused of using slave labor to build stadiums for the World Cup of Soccer, donating money to benefit a franchise in the National Hockey League, even indirectly, is deeply disturbing to me. Of course this doesn't mean that the Washington Capitals will suddenly through all their morals out the window for some cold hard cash, but you have to wonder after what the motive for a nation like Qatar is for making this move in the first place.

Unsurprisingly this has raised quite a few eyebrows around the National Hockey League and has even led some to condemn the decision to except the money from a country that is believed to be responsible for some very serious human rights abuses. Most of the backlash has been directed at D.C. Council member Jack Evans, the man that many believe has played a significant role in bringing in the outside investment for the extended Metro service during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

At this stage of the deal we know so little about what is actually going into it that it is impossible to even speculate why the D.C. city council solicited money from Qatar of all places, and it's equally impossible to speculate regarding the reasons that Qatar decided to give the D.C. city council $100,000 for one hour of Metro service.

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