Flames forward not happy with contract talks.

Problems in Calgary?

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A National Hockey League veteran is reportedly unhappy with a distraction that is being cause by both his agent as well as the NHL franchise for which he currently plays for. 

Calgary Flames forward Mikael Backlund did not want contract negotiations to happen during the course of his current season but according to a report from Flames insider Eric Francis, contrary to his wishes, that is exactly what is happening.

Backlund is expected to pull in upwards of $30 million dollars on a six year term in his next deal, and while that may seem like a good thing for most people, Backlund isn't very happy.

“It’s not what I wanted, but it is what it is,” Backlund said as per Francis.

“I wish I didn’t have to deal with it during the season, but it’s part of business and we’re professionals and have to deal with it. Both sides want the best, so we’ll see what happens.

Backlund has played well for the Flames this season, recording 9 goals and 22 assists for a total of 31 points over his 49 games and that's likely part of the reason the Flames are suddenly pushing to get a deal done. 

Francis believes that Backlund could earn even more than the aforementioned $30 million if he were to go to free-agency, something that the Flames likely don't want to see happen.