NHL News : Bruins insider believes the team has missed a golden opportunity.
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Bruins insider believes the team has missed a golden opportunity.

Bruins may have missed on a big move.

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The Boston Bruins have had a relatively quiet offseason and it seems like that is not sitting well with some of those who are very close to the team. 

The Bruins have been linked to a number of big trade rumors over the course of the 2018 National Hockey League offseason but none of those rumors ever came to materialize. That of course would be fine as trade rumors often fail to deliver but the issue for the Bruins here is that some seem to think that they should have been able to get some of them done. 

Late last week it was announced that the Carolina Hurricanes had orchestrated a trade with the Buffalo Sabres, a trade that unquestionably strengthened the Sabres line up. The move sent veteran winger Jeff Skinner to the Sabres in exchange all the Sabres gave up was one still unproven prospect and a trio of draft picks, of which a 2nd rounder was by far the best pick, not a huge return by any stretch of the imagination for a former 37 goal scorer. The Hurricanes have been heavily criticized for making the move but some of the other teams around the league also have to be kicking themselves for not getting a similar deal done in order to get the proven goal scorer. 

For a team like the Bruins it has to be especially frustrating because it has been an open secret that the Bruins have been searching for a goal scoring winger to add on the right side of their line up. Skinner plays on the opposite side but given his sheer level of offensive talent it seems fair to suggest that he could have been converted to a right winger, although Skinner himself may not have been so willing to make that type of move. Skinner was able to control a number of the team with whom the Hurricanes could make a deal and if the Bruins were not on his preferred list of teams then they would have never real been in the conversation. 

Bruins insider Joe Haggerty isn't so ready to let the Bruins off the hook so easily for missing on a move that may have bolstered a division rival when it could instead have improved the Bruins. From Haggerty:

If it turns out, though, that the B's simply weren't interested in Skinner or had him pegged strictly as a left winger on a team that already has Brad Marchand and Jake DeBrusk, well, that would be a little less forgivable. 

Skinner was one of the big names that the Bruins had been linked to over the course of the summer but how accurate those rumors were at the time or how accurate they were at the time of the trade between the Hurricanes and Sabres is anyone's guess. The other big name the Bruins have been linked to is that of Columbus Blue Jackets forward Artemi Panarin, inarguably one of the very best forwards in the entire National Hockey League. That move is in theory still possible but it will cost the Bruins a great deal more than the Sabres gave up for Skinner.

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