Bruins expected to sign a new forward “soon.”

Big boost coming for the Bruins.

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Given the heartbreak that the Boston Bruins suffered not so long ago when they were snubbed by young National Hockey League forward Jimmy Vesey, you can't blame the Bruins' fans who will be skeptical when they heard about this news.

With that out of the way, National Hockey League analyst Pierre McGuire is reporting that 21-year-old defenseman Ryan Donato, a former Boston Bruins second round pick in the 2014 National Hockey League Entry Draft, is expected to join the Bruins in very short order, although it's still unclear how long that wait will last before he official joins the Bruins roster.

Since being drafted Ryan Donato has spent nearly his entire career playing under the far-reaching umbrella of the NCAA in division 1 hockey for Harvard University. In fact Donato is still playing there although his team currently remains in the hunt, preventing him from fully committing to the Bruins organization as of yet. 

Some have already been very quick to point out the similarities between both Donato and Vesey, who stiffed the Bruins and instead chose to sign with the Rangers. That being said there seems to be no indication that Donato intends to go rogue, although you never truly know in these situations. 

What's strange here is that there was a widely held belief that Donatop would immediately return to the Bruins once the Olympics are over, although for whatever reason that never came to be. It may be merely due to the fact that his team appears to be a legit contender in the American Hockey League.