Breaking: Very sad news from NHL analyst Pierre McGuire.

McGuire makes a stunning revelation.

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Long time National Hockey League analyst Pierre McGuire, one of the most recognizable voices in all of professional hockey, has just made a tragic announcement. 

During a radio interview on TSN's 690 in Montreal, McGuire announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer, specifically prostate cancer, and that furthermore he has undergone surgery to have his prostate removed in an effort to save his life. 

As a reuslt McGuire will be stepping away from his duties as an NHL analyst in order to fully recover from the procedure, however he has vowed to return to the broadcast once the 2018 Winter Olympic Games have come to a close. 

Cancer is a disease that has touched most families, either directly or indirectly, and our thoughts and prayers go out to both Pierre and the entire McGuire family in what is surely a very difficult period for all of them. 

McGuire has always been a very polarizing figure in the league, however we hope that both the fans that love him, as well as the fans who hate him, will join us in wishing up a full and a speedy recovery.