Breaking: The Golden Knights have added a huge piece at the deadline!

Golden Knights make a huge deal.

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The Detroit Red Wings and the Las Vegas Golden Knights have pulled off a massive trade.

According to a breaking news report from TSN insider Pierre LeBrun, the Red Wings will be sending forward Tomas Tatar to the Las Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for a boat load of draft picks in upcoming drafts. 

The break down of the picks sees one first round pick in 2018, one second round pick in 2019, and one third round pick in 2020 all going to the Red Wings in this deal in exchange for Tatar. 

While the haul of draft may seem like a very high price to pay for a player at the deadline, that likely is due to the fact that the first will be a very late-round pick for the Red Wings as well as the fact that Tatar is by no means a rental player in this deal.

While he does carry a salary cap hit of $5,300,000 per season, Tatar will be under contract for three additional seasons in Las Vegas after this season comes to an end. This will give the Las Vegas Golden Knights three years to be competitive with Tatatr on their roster and that also likely explains the structure of the picks going back the other way in this deal.

That being said, there will still be those who feel the Detroit Red Wings and general manager Ken Holland got a king's ransom in picks from a middle of the pack type of forward in the NHL.

It's unclear at this time if the Red Wings retained any salary in this deal, we have heard nothing to suggest they have.