Breaking: Reporter stands by Drouin story, second source is now backing him up.

Someone is not telling the truth.

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We have a battle playing out very publicly in the Montreal media and someone's reputation is going to come out of all this with some serious damage done to it.

On Friday night Montreal journalist Tom Lapointe dropped a bombshell report regarding Montreal Canadiens forward Jonathan Drouin and a alleged injury that he suffered this week. Lapointe reported that 

Drouin had suffered a knee injury during a charity hockey tournament put on by Pittsburgh Penguins star defenseman Kris Letang. The charity event, an annual event known as the Tournoi Kris Letang," was held in Quebec this week and that is reportedly where and when Drouin had suffered the injury. 

Additionally Lapointe reported that this injury was believed to be very serious in nature and there were at least some anomalies on Drouin's calendar that appeared to indicate that something was in fact very suspicious. Drouin had two big events on his schedule ahead of him in the next few days and he has since suddenly and rather mysteriously pulled out of both events without sighting a reason for his absence. The first event was another charity tournament known as the "c," while the other was a boot camp that had been schedule in Quebec this week. The Boot Camp is especially noteworthy because all signs indicated that he would be attending up until Letang's charity tournament but suddenly Drouin cancelled with just 4 days of notice prior to the event. 

That report was then refuted by Allan Walsh, the agent for Jonathan Drouin, who claimed that not only had his client not suffered a serious injury but added that his client was perfectly healthy. The statement from Walsh left no doubt about his position regarding this story, although he is the player's agent and likely biased as a result, and it also took a huge shot at those who were reporting otherwise. 

From Walsh:

In the stupidity department, some rumor websites are “reporting” that Jonathan Drouin injured a knee playing summer hockey.  Total BS.  He’s 100% healthy.  Everyone can go back now to enjoying their summer.

Additionally radio host Jérémie Rainville, of 98,5 in Montreal reported that he reached out to the Canadiens organization directly and was informed that Drouin was not in fact injured and additionally that he would attend the Boot Camp on Monday. This would appear to be the end of this story except for the small fact that those reporting the news are standing behind their sources.

Lapointe reports that he has reached out to Stéphane Turcot of TVA Sports who is on hand for the boot camp and he is hearing a very different story. Turcot has reportedly informed Lapointe that Drouin will not be at the boot camp in spite of the claims from the Canadiens organization, and it gets worse for the Habs and Walsh. 

Max Truman of Montreal Canadiens blog Dans Les Coulisses is reporting that he has now independently confirmed that Drouin informed the Boot Camp that he would be absent on Monday, and additionally that Drouin himself notified the Boot Camp that the reason for his absence was due to an injury. Obviously not all of these things can be true at once. 

Someone is lying here and given the recent track record of dishonesty from the Canadiens when it comes to player injuries I am not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.