Breaking: NHL officially releases odds for the Draft Lottery.

Huge announcement from the NHL.

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The National Hockey League has just made a major announcement. 

On Tuesday night the TSN insiders revealed that the National Hockey League has officially unveiled the odds for the Draft Lottery, the lottery that will determine who gets the first overall pick at the 2018 National Hockey League Entry Draft. Considering the player that is expected to go first overall this year you can bet that there are a huge number of teams that will be paying extremely close attention to this announcement.

The odds for each position were revealed during a segment of Insider Trading on TSN and while the 2017-2018 National Hockey League regular season is not over just quite yet, I will be presenting you the odds for each team as they are currently ranked. That is to say if the season were to end right this minute this is how the draft lottery would play out, at least as far as the odds are concerned.

1. The Buffalo Sabres 18.5% 

2. The Arizona Coyotes 13.5% 

3. The Vancouver Canucks 11.5% 

4. The Ottawa Senators 9.5% 

5. The Detroit Red Wings 8.5% 

6. The Montreal Canadiens 7.5% 

7. The Chicago Blackhawks 6.5%

8. The New York Islanders 6.0% 

9. New York Rangers 5.0% 

10. The Edmonton Oilers 3.5% 

11. The Calgary Flames 3.0% 

12. The Carolina Hurricanes 2.5% 

13. The Dallas Stars 2.0% 

14. The Florida PAnthers 1.5% 

15. The St. Louis Blues 1.0%

Astute observers will notice that the odds on the draft lottery have changed this season, and that is due to the simple fact that there is now one additional team in the National Hockey League with the addition of the Las Vegas Golden Knights. To everyone's surprise the Golden Knights are not among the teams eligible for the lottery, something that is frankly a little embarrassing for all of the teams that are in fact within the parameters of the lottery.

This will be one of the most eagerly anticipated lotteries in a long time, perhaps the most anticipated since Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid entered the National Hockey League via the draft, due to the fact that 17-year-old Swedish phenom Rasmus Dahlin is the player that is up for grabs with the first overall pick.

Dahlin has the potential to be a franchise-changing type of player and when you consider that he is showing that level of potential as a 17-year-old defenseman, very young by the standards of defensive prospects, the sky truly appears to be the limit for this young man. The gap between Dahlin and every other player in this draft is staggering and for that reason all the attention will be on who gets the number one overall pick via the mechanism of the lottery.

While the Sabres currently appear to the clear front runners, and mathematical probability would point to the fact that they should in theory walk away with the top pick in the draft, we have seen some major upsets at the draft in recent years and another upset this year could drastically impact the fate of one NHL team.

Image courtesy TSN