Breaking: Marc-Andre Fleury comments on his NHL future.

Fleury comments on his future.

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights Cinderalla season has come to a disappointing end, nothing short of the Stanley Cup could have have changed that after getting this far in their inaugural season. That however does nothing to diminish the fact that they were absolutely astounding during the course of the 2017-2018 National Hockey League season and they were able to do so in large part thanks to the incredible performance of Marc-Andre Fleury throughout both the regular season and the playoffs.

When you consider how important Fleury has proven to be for the Golden Knights franchise, not only as a player on the ice but also as an ambassador for the city of Las Vegas, it's normal that people would wonder what will come next the for the veteran goaltender who now only has one season remaining on his current contract. Very rarely do National Hockey League organizations allow their star players to enter the final year of their deal without offering them a contract extension and you have to wonder if those discussion won't soon begin in earnest between Fleury's management as well as Golden Knights general manager George McPhee.

Fleury was very emotional after a very difficult loss to the Washington Capitals in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final but on Friday he made himself available to reporters and fielded a large number of questions, including questions about what comes next for the man known as "Flower." Fleury was not only gracious with his time but gave answers that are almost certain to earn him some more favor with fans in the Las Vegas area, although he certainly doesn't need the help at this point. 

First Fleury indicated that he was still having a great time playing hockey at the NHL level and may have even taken a shot at some of his former critics who had indicated that he had lost his touch. It would be too far to suggest that he may have been taking a shot at his former team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, a team that chose to go with the younger in goaltender Matt Murray man over him and made a considerably less impressive run in the playoffs than the Golden Knights, but it's also not outside the realm of possibility.

"A couple years ago I was getting told I was too old to play," said Fleury. "I still love it, still have a lot of fun."

Fleury also had some very good news for fans of the Golden Knights however. It seems fairly obvious now that he has had a tremendous experience becoming the face of the franchise in Las Vegas and he went so far as to suggest that he may very well play out his remaining years in the NHL as a member of the Golden Knights organization.

"Certainly Vegas has given me this opportunity to do what I love and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Hopefully I can finish my career here."

Fleury is getting older though so it will be interesting to see what type of contract the Golden Knights are prepared to offer him.