Breaking: Blockbuster trade between the Kings and Canadiens has fallen apart!

This could have been the biggest trade in years,

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We have an absolutely outlandish trade rumor to the report and as you would expect when it involves the Montreal Canadiens it comes directly from members of the Montreal media. 

In some of the most shocking comments I have heard in a long time radio host Michel Villeneuve was on 106,9 FM on Tuesday morning when he reported a trade rumor that appears to be somewhat beyond belief. According to Villeneuve the Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings were discussing a trade that would have seen three All-Star level players traded in a single trade deal. Villeneuve claims that his #1 source in the National Hockey League informed him that the Canadiens were attempting to ship both their captain Max Pacioretty and veteran defenseman Shea Weber to the Los Angeles Kings in a trade that would have brought veteran defenseman Drew Doughty and a second player that was not named by Villeneuve to the Montreal Canadiens. 

First and foremost the idea of the Canadiens trading two of their most valuable players in a single trade seems extremely unlikely but you must admit that if anything were to convince Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin to make such a crazy move it would be the possibility of acquiring a game changing player like Drew Doughty. The other side of that coin though are all the doubts that come into your mind when you ask yourself if the Kings would really consider trading a generational talent like Doughty, even for two well established stars like Pacioretty and Weber.

Villeneuve though claims that there may be external factors on both sides of this potential deal that are playing major roles in this trade being considered by either team. According to Villeneuve Doughty and Los Angeles Kings head coach John Stevens do not have a good relationship and all indications are that as long as Stevens remains head coach of the Kings that Doughty had no intention of signing a new contract extension and will become one of the hottest free agent in recent memory come the National Hockey League's offseason in the summer of 2019.If this is indeed correct you can see why trading just one year of Doughty for Weber and Pacioretty on long term deals begins to make a lot more sense from the Kings perspective. 

As for the Canadiens we all know that both Pacioretty and the Canadiens are looking forward to moving on from one another and the fact that Pacioretty's camp was reported to have been in talks with the Kings on a new contract extension, permission granted by the Habs themselves, would only seem to be further proof of that. Many believe that Shea Weber is not happy in Montreal either and the fan base has not taken to him particularly well either given the fact that he was brought in as a direct one for one replacement of ultra popular defenseman P.K. Subban. A change of scene could really make sense for both sides of this trade.

Pacioretty fired his agent Pat Brisson, one of the most powerful agents in hockey, at some point between Saturday night and Sunday night and it's believed that a failure to negotiate a new deal with the Kings is what caused that split and was in fact what caused this trade to fall apart. No word from Villeneuve on whether or not the two sides may revisit the trade at a later time.