Brawl breaks out after the final buzzer between the Flyers & Islanders.

Flyers and Islanders go at it after the final whistle.

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The New York Islanders clearly came into this game with a massive chip on their shoulders. 

The Islanders season is effectively over but you wouldn't know it if you were a member of the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday night because not only did the Islanders decide to play their butts off, but they also were heavily involved in the physical aspect of the game of hockey both during play and after the whistle. 

The tense and heated match up between the two franchises didn't mean much to either team considering the fact that the Florida Panthers have all but knocked themselves out of playoff contention at this point, but both teams came out swinging on Tuesday night. The game would end only after 9 goals had been scored in total and both teams looked like they were not ready to be done with it even after that point.

The Islanders can certainly pat themselves on the back for taking the 5-4 victory on home ice over the visiting Philadelphia Flyers, but the Flyers will be in the 2018 National Hockey League playoffs so I don't really believe that they are too upset about losing what was again a relatively meaningless game to the Islanders.

Despite that fact we got several altercations after the whistle throughout the game and those really escalated in the final minutes of the third period when it seemed that every time an NHL official blew the whistle it was like a signal for both teams to begin pushing, shoving and even throwing rabbit punches at one another. 

It all came to a head after the final whistle was blown at the end of the third period, this despite the fact that there wasn't any big hit or any obvious cheap shot that set off one side or the other. These two teams just seemed to want a piece of each other and at the final whistle they all grouped on the ice and began to engage in a brawl. 

Unfortunately as is often the case in the NHL these days the NHL officials seemed to be getting the most action during the brawl despite the fact that a number of gloves were dropped and some punches were thrown on both sides.