Blackhawks looking to add a huge piece after today's big trade.

Huge move on the horizon for Chicago.

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The Chicago Blackhawks made a very significant trade earlier in the day and although some fans were not happy about the deal they may soon be changing their tunes. 

First and foremost if I'm being perfectly honest here there's really no debate regarding who won today's earlier trade in terms of talent on the ice. The Blackhawks gave up the better players in the deal and got very little talent in return, but what they did get out of the deal was out from under the contract of veteran forward Marian Hossa, a player that is not expected to play again during his National Hockey League career. 

The move has however provided Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman with some flexibility for the first time in a little while and although it was initially unclear how he expected to use the additional cap space we may now have a better idea of what might be next from the well respect general manager. 

According to a report from The Fourth Period's David Pagnotta the Blackhawkshave been in trade talks with the Montreal Canadiens regarding the possibility of acquiring Habs captain Max Pacioretty as part of a trade deal. The most interesting part of this report from Pagnotta is that the implication based on his wording here is that these conversations have been ongoing prior to the massive trade they pulled off with the Arizona Coyotes earlier today. 

The issues for the Blackhawks here is that Pacioretty, a perennial 30 goal scorer, is reportedly seeking some huge money on his new deal and the Blackhawks have historically had cap issues. The good news however is that with the trade today the Blackhawks now have $8.5 million in cap space that they can flex and that should be more than enough to get Pacioretty signed to a long term deal that would keep him within the folds on the Blackhawks organization for the foreseeable future. Now ideally the Blackhawks will not use all of their newly found cap space on Pacioretty but you can easily see how it would facilitate such a deal. 

The question now of course becomes how much will the Blackhawks have to give up in order to land the Canadiens captain in a trade?