Behind the scenes video reveals Leafs & Canucks tried to make a trade at the draft.

A trade that came close at the draft.

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Two Canadian franchises apparently attempted to make a trade at the 2018 National Hockey League Entry Draft.

On Thursday the Vancouver Canucks organization released some very interesting footage to the public, footage that showed some of the behind the scenes footage from their operations at the 2018 National Hockey League Entry Draft. It was a awesome look at what a National Hockey League general manager can go through during the draft as Canucks' general manager Jim Benning was mic'd up for the purposes of the video,, although of course the Canucks did not reveal any sensitive information to fans during the video, except perhaps one little detail.

There is one extremely interesting moment in the video that shows both the aforementioned Jim Benning and Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas, a man who at that point had only been general manager for a few short days, having a discussion on the floor of the draft. We will never know officially what the exact contents of that conversation were but we can infer based on comments made later on by Jim Benning that the two men were discussing a trade. 

The Canucks opted to remove whatever audio might have been picked up by Benning's mic during the conversation with Dubas itself, but when he returned to the Canucks draft table he revealed that the two men were discussing a trade that involved a draft pick. Benning leaned over to the other members of the Canucks staff and stated "I told him that we are going to keep it." Now Benning never expressly states that he is talking about a draft pick but I think it's safe to assume that is indeed the case.

Now this is pure speculation on my part but it seems likely that the Maple Leafs made an attempt to trade up in the 2018 National Hockey League Entry Draft by acquiring the Canucks 7th overall pick, a pick that would turn into defenseman Quinn Hughes for the Canucks. It would especially make sense if Dubas also believed that Hughes had the potential to be a play making and puck moving defenseman, something that the Canucks clearly feel he will be, as the Leafs have been searching for additional help on the blue line for some time now. 

The interesting question here now that we have seen the footage is what was on the table for the Canucks? Whatever it was it obvously wasn't enough to entice Benning into the deal.